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5 Reasons to Buy our British Made Charging Trolleys!

At zioxi we are super proud to make amazing iPad, Chromebook and laptop charging trolleys. We are consistently overwhelmed by their popularity throughout the world. We work really hard to keep improving and innovating our charging trolleys so that they are ahead of the curve. There are a number of factors that make our charging trolleys stand out:

1. Lead Times are fantastic.

Our bestselling laptop, iPad and Chromebook charging trolleys with key locks and code locks are typically all kept in stock. This means that we can deliver them  throughout Europe in short time.


2. Manufactured in the UK.

We are a UK company. We buy and employ locally wherever possible. This means that we are not affected by delays in shipping from abroad, and it also helps to keep our carbon footprint low. We individually hand check and assemble every charging trolley we produce to guarantee the highest quality.


3. Designed in the UK and constantly evolving

As a leader in innovation and design thinking we are constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve our products. We listen to our customers and look for ways to make their lives easier through design.

Take onView for example. This is our intelligent management system which allows you to control and monitor your charging trolley from your phone, tablet or computer. You can see if the charging trolley is locked, if it’s plugged in and you can control how and when trolleys charge your devices, as well as being notified when the devices are fully charged.


4. Sustainability

We like to do our bit to ensure that we are producing environmentally friendly products. All our charging trolleys are built from recyclable materials and any plastic elements are already recycled. OnView also offers our customers a green charge option. You can choose to charge your devices at several points in a day when energy from renewable sources is at it’s peak.


5. Our customer service is second to none

We go above and beyond to help our customers choose the right products and have a great experience thereafter. Our team will always be happy to chat about your options. Check out some of our trolleys here:

zioxi chromebook charging trolleys for 16 or 32 Chromebooks
zioxi chromebook charging trolleys for 16 or 32 Chromebooks (up to 14 inch screens) with key lock
16 bay iPad tablet chromebook charging trolley
zioxi 16 bay tablet charging trolleys with key lock
32 laptop charging trolley
32 laptop charging trolley with key lock

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