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5 ways to embrace collaborative learning

Collaborative or group learning is recognised as being one of the best ways to learn, using discussion, clarification and evaluation of ideas to deepen thinking. Here are 5 ways you can embrace collaborative thinking in the classroom.

1. Establish group goals
For collaborative learning to be effective group goals need to be established to help keep the group on task and aligned. These should be reinforced throughout the learning session.

2. Reconfigure your learning space
Groups of 4-6 are perfect for collaborative learning, and configuring your space to facilitate groups working together embraces collaborative learning. Collaborative desks are perfect for this style of learning.

3. Embrace technology
Sharing work and ideas on a large screen helps the group to work and share together. Collaborative tables with integrated screens and connectivity are perfect to facilitate sharing.

4. Promote open communication
When working in groups open communication is key. Establish group communication rules to help students feel comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions openly and without criticism

5. Value Diversity
To really get the most from group learning diverse groups are key. Combine different personality types, ability levels, genders and backgrounds to really get the most from your group.