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A view on onView

Following the launch of our new product onView – we asked Rob Sirs, CEO of zioxi to tell us a little bit about it.

What is onView?

onView combines a web app with a small computer embedded within an item of furniture to provide the ability to remotely control and monitor its use. Great for things like automatically scheduling your charging trolleys to maximise the use of green energy, identifying a free desk space for study, powering down the monitors on a room full of zioxi P1 desks or analysing the usage of your furniture and spaces.

How did you get the idea for zioxi Onview?

As a team we are always keen to understand the challenges our customers face and see if we can come up with solutions that help. There were several such challenges which led us to the idea for onView. Managing a number of charging trolleys across a school is challenging – are they all plugged into mains and set to charge overnight ready for learning activities the next day? Are they using electricity at the greenest times of day and night? Are they locked and in the right location at the end of the day? Our mobile mains powerHubs have also proved very popular, but given they are rechargeable, ensuring they get charged when needed is really important for both their effective use and to keep batteries healthy. It was thinking about problems such as these that led us to the idea of developing the ability to remotely control and view our furniture products over the web.

Who will benefit from zioxi onView?

We believe that onView can provide lots of different benefits. Obviously these benefits will vary by product and user. Learning staff can benefit from laptops all being charged and ready to go at the beginning of a lesson, older students will benefit from more easily finding a free desk for self study, IT staff should save time finding and managing charging trolleys and the finances should benefit from use of less power and longer battery lives.

What’s intelligent furniture?

We spend a lot of time thinking about the intelligent design of our products – so they function very well, often have multiple uses as well as looking great. And with the launch of zioxi onView we’re quite literally adding intelligence into each product in the form of an embedded computer linked to our web app. So Intelligent Furniture really sums up very well what we do at zioxi.

Which products is onView available on?

zioxi onView is available on all our Chromebook, Laptop, iPad and Smart phone Charging Trolleys and Cabinets, the exciting & stylish Volt charging lockers, our Rechargeable mains & USB powerHubs and hubTables; our P1 power up monitor desks, our Collaborative tables, our AV Lecterns and even on any standard desks and tables. And there’s new exciting products being added all the time, so if you need smart furniture, then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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