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Are you set up for BYOD?

More and more students are bringing their own devices, and whilst this has obvious advantages, it also has an impact on the resources that you need to provide for your students. Here are three simple ways to enable and support the use of BYOD.

  1. Charging is the obvious challenge to overcome, and leads to the familiar sight of students huddled round a wall socket trying to charge and work at the same time. Obviously this is not ideal and can even lead to broken sockets and housings. PowerHubs provide a solution to this problem with the rechargeable functionality making floor boxes redundant. Suite with t41 tables and you have a ready to go working space for your students, with power, anywhere you want. So you can plug in your devices while you work.
  2. Students bringing their devices increases connection to content and this has a wonderfully positive effect on collaboration. Put simply – students share more with their own device. It’s important to create a forum for this sharing of ideas and content and the zioxi collaborative tables are perfect for facilitating group working.
  3. Finally, whilst students may have their own laptops or devices, sometimes they will need to work on a fixed PC. We see this particularity in HE with subjects like Media and Engineering requiring complicated software. Many of our customers are installing M1 desks to facilitate this requirement, these integrated desks have the advantage of the computers being hidden away. Simply push down to hide the computer and leave a clean and clear desk for your own device.

We have completed some wonderful projects this summer to help with BYOD, including bespoke dual screen M1 desks for Imperial College London, powerHubs for the University of Gloucestershire library and collaborative tables for Leeds Trinity University. More case studies to come!