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BYOD vs 1:1 and how to keep everything charged and ready!

Technology plays a huge part in education and there are a number of different options for schools and universities. Two of the most popular are BYOD and 1:1 schemes, both have pros and cons to consider but both can help you to meet the next step forward in technology.


This stands for Bring Your Own Device and puts the technology in the hands of the students. We look at some of the pros and cons below:


  • The major pro is that the cost of the technology sits with the student and this can be an effective way to include technology when budgets are tight.
  • The students know the device inside and out. They are used to using it outside the classroom and consequently they already have the skills necessary to get stuck in quickly.
  • BYOD devices tend to be newer and more cutting edge than education provided devices, meaning that the latest technology and software is available.
  • It’s likely that students are more likely to respect and care for their own device. Helping them to be responsible for ensuring it is in good working order.


  • BYOD schemes can be a bit exclusive, with students and parents feeling the pressure to provide technology. Not all budgets can stretch to this.
  • It can be hard for teachers and lecturers to be as knowledgeable about the device as the student is, this can make sorting any technical issues a challenge.
  • A range of different devices in the learning environment can make sharing or using consistent apps or software difficult.
  • Some argue that personal devices can be much more distracting for students, as they have access to all their personal apps.


If you go for a BYOD scheme, you can’t guarantee that devices will be brought to school fully charged. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have enough infrastructure to ensure that devices can be charged during lessons and lectures. Adding powerHubs can be a simple way to do this, and with rechargeable powerHubs you don’t even have to have floorboxes.

1:1 Schemes

A 1:1 scheme means that every student is provided with a device from the establishment. That device is then theirs to use while they study.


  • Everyone has the same device which makes continuity really simple with the same apps and software being used by everyone.
  • Eliminates digital inequality between students.
  • Increased teacher/IT knowledge due to familiar devices.
  • High control factor with the devices able to be synchronised to keep installed apps and software consistent. This can limit distractions from more personal apps.


  • High costs involved in procuring large numbers of devices and ensuring that your wifi infrastructure can support them all.
  • Ongoing costs and responsibility for upgrades and maintenance.
  • Devices might be unfamiliar to students if different to their preferred device.


With a 1:1 scheme charging is easier to manage. All of the devices have the same chargers and so charging points complete with chargers can be set up around the school or in classrooms. The 1:1 locker is a great way to keep devices charged and ready to go.

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