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  • Parkstone Grammar School – Media Centre & break out area

Parkstone Grammar School – Media Centre & break out area


zioxi worked with Parkstone Grammar School to create an incredible Sixth Form resource area and a Media Centre

Students working in the break out area designed by zioxi (are they working, who knows…)

The Sixth Form Resource Area needed to be a bright and modern study and relaxation space for the students. The space needed to be multi-functional and flexible, allowing for a range of ways of studying, with charging solutions for students bringing their own laptops and tablets.  The Media Centre was to be dedicated to IT and Media Studies, a subjects where students would be spending a lot of time editing in the media room. Therefore, the room needed to be comfortable as well as functional. The room was also to be used for various other activities and so the furniture had to be flexible, whilst also securing the iMacs.

mains and USB rechargeable power hub with roundel and t41 tables

Agile t41 tables are triangular that can be used on their own and can be formed into a circle by putting 6 together. They have space for a zioxi powerHub at the centre for mobile power where ever it is needed.

In order to make the most of the space for the Sixth Form area, t41 desks with wired powerHubs were added to the room as part of the study area, with colourful glassboards for collaborative work and to add a splash of colour to the walls. Plenty of soft seating was added, to encourage a relaxed atmosphere with additional tables and tub chairs for comfortable seating.


students using zioxi powerup media centre at parkstone grammar

PowerUp imac tables can be raised and lowered at the press of a button and locked for security. zioxi onView can also add a level of remote control. Projectors and screens were added to aid teaching.

In the media centre, zioxi suggested the use of P8 PowerUp tables and an M1 desk with two screens for the teacher. The beauty of these products is that the computers can be securely hidden and stored within the desk, and brought back up with the simple push of a button.

Parkstone Grammar IT suite zioxi
Parkstone Grammar IT suite zioxi
The project has delivered all and more we could have wished for.