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“The most wonderful thing about the Zioxi furniture is the way that it has created a great environment that supports the children’s individual learning style. "


“The desks are configured so that the children can work in groups or individually if they want some quiet time. The children move the desks themselves and even take them outside when the weather is nice! ” – Joanne Fennelly, Deputy Headteacher and Year 1 Teacher

“Collaborative learning has also improved as a result of the furniture as there is much more space to move around meaning that the children are more likely to move between the tables and work together. “ – Wendy Souter, Year 2 Teacher

zioxi designed new classroom and breakout spaces for Simon De Senlis Primary. Creating a number of bespoke products to exactly match the brief.

“The install team were first class, professional, efficient and accommodating. They arrived early, they were quick and before you know it the classrooms were done and ready to use.” – Tom Rees, Headteacher @ Simon De Senlis Primary