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  • Case Studies
  • St Helen’s School – Discovery Centre

An open plan area which acted as access between the classrooms required zioxi Bookworm and Bookhive to provide storage and division.


St. Helen’s School were keen to develop the Junior LRC in their brand new build into a stunning “Discovery Centre” for the pupils. They wanted to create a modern space with the ‘wow’ factor to really form a focal point for the school. They were keen to make sure that the new space was both exciting for the girls, but also practical from a teaching perspective.

The LRC was located in an open plan area which also acted as a thoroughfare between the classrooms. This meant that a proportion of the space needed to be kept clear to enable access. The rest of the space was divided into two distinct, but linked areas. One end of the LRC needed to house PC computers for the students to use and function as a IT Suite for up to twenty four girls, plus a teacher

The area has worked out really well and we are so pleased.