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Charging multiple devices? We have the solution!

Technology in schools is essential to facilitate learning in students, however managing large numbers of mobile devices, such as tablets or laptops is yet another challenge for teachers. At zioxi our products are designed to make your life easier allowing you to store and charge all your devices together. Here are some of the benefits our products can provide:

  1. All your devices are kept together in one place. We have solutions for different device types as well as different numbers of devices. So if you have 16 chromebooks, or 32 iPads we have the solution to house and charge them. At the end of the day they can all be tucked up safe and sound together behind a locked door.
  2. Charging all your devices together is super easy. You just need to use the charging adaptors supplied with your mobile device. No special tools are necessary, and we supply everything you need to get going. Simply remove the front panel, plug in your charging adaptors and use our clever inserts and cable ties to secure everything in place.
  3. A number of our products are designed to be mobile, so you can move your devices to the classroom that’s using them on that particular day. Handle cut outs and the lightweight construction make our trolleys easy to move, even if you haven’t had your spinach.
  4. A number of our solutions come with onView technology which allows you to monitor and control your charging trolley from your own mobile device. Simply log on to the portal and you can see exactly what is going on with your trolley – is it locked? Is it charging?

You can find our solutions here, but if you are not sure of the right product for you then drop us a email to asking for help and we will be happy to recommend the product you need.