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What does your classroom layout say about your teaching style?

You can tell a lot about a teacher and their teaching style just by walking into their classroom. Your classroom layout and furniture are important to help motivate and stimulate your students. From your layout, a student can tell either consciously or subconsciously, what kind of lessons you will be teaching them.

A  study, completed over a year, by the University of Salford suggests a schools physical design can improve or worsen a child’s academic performance by as much as 25% in early years. The study discovered that classroom design significantly affected academic importance.

Rows of desks reflect a more traditional and “executive” style of teaching, that does not easily facilitate collaboration or discussion and debate. Clusters of desks demonstrate a more nurturing and facilitative teaching style, that encourages group work.

At zioxi we believe that classroom design influences levels of interaction and engagement. This helps improve retention of subjects covered and encourages students to learn, which builds essential skills for life beyond the classroom. We offer full, free consultations to design, plan and install your classroom furniture for you so we can meet your exact needs and help you realise your vision.

“When we set about creating our new learning space it was vital that we worked with a company that listened to our ideas but also bought their knowledge to the conversation. It was also important for us to create spaces that could be adapted and changed at the drop of a hat and that could really be owned by the children and staff. From the outset we knew that we had chosen the right company and furniture because of the bespoke  nature of the discussions and the fact that we were listened to. It did not feel like a relationship where we were being forced to buy as much as possible, instead it was about what would suit our learning and teaching styles. The organisation, communication and customer care were second to none and the focus was always on developing a partnership for the future. The outcome has been fantastic and many people have commented on how the classes are so geared towards learning.”

Leigh Wolmarans – Headteacher @ Lings


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