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Cookie Policy

Cookies are very small pieces of information that are created and stored on your computer, smart phone or tablet when you enter a website. On the zioxi website, we use cookies to improve and speed up your browsing experience by discovering what type of content, images, offers and incentives you best prefer.

Cookies are perfectly safe for your device and will not store personal information.

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies on the zioxi website to collect information about how visitors use the website and to collect standard analytics to gather data to enhance the performance of our website. This is important to us as we want to improve the visitor journey when you browse our website and ensure that it is as user friendly as possible.

Please see below a list of all cookies we use along with an explanation about them:

Analytics Cookies

Cookies used by Google Analytics: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz
Cookies used by Google Web Optimiser: __utmx,__utmxx

Google Analytics/Web Optimiser use cookies to collect data that we analyse to help us improve customer experience on the zioxi website. The cookies provide important information such as the number of visitors and the time spent on specific pages and it can also help identify where there might be errors on the website. The information collected through these cookies do not identify people, they are defined themselves by a combination of a computer, a user account, and a browser. Google Analytics only uses 1st party cookies which means that all of the information collected will stay in the zioxi domain, information will not be passed to 3rd parties.