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Effective STEM Classrooms

It’s important to make your learning spaces work for you and especially for a subject like STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths all need to be taught in one space with the ability to swap and change as desired. We believe STEM spaces should encourage discovery and adventure by combining the following elements.

  1. Flexible, mobile layout.

zioxi t41 tables are a great choice for STEM spaces, allowing you to move your tables around to give different group sizes. Cluster them around a powerHub to provide power for mobile devices and laptops. Add a VerTable for students to scribble ideas and then share as a group.

It’s a great idea to change up the levels with some Huddle tables for students to stand and work at a height that suits them.

All of these elements are on wheels, and fully mobile giving you the flexibility to reconfigure your STEM space.

  1. Integrated technology

Computers can be available at the touch of a button. M1, P1 or PowerUp desks all integrate technology into the room, but also allow for it to be hidden away when needed.

  1. Collaboration

Let the students take responsibility for their own learning by providing areas for collaborative learning. This increases engagement in the classroom and encourages social interactions.

  1. Storage

STEM spaces need lots of equipment for students, and so storage is key. TeacherWalls can be designed with a number of bespoke elements to store all your necessary equipment securely. Allowing easy access during lesson time.

If you have a STEM area you are looking to refurbish then let us help you with our free design consultancy. Contact to book an appointment.