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what cleaning products kill coronavirus covid19 for school equipment

How do you clean IT equipment to effectively to kill Coronavirus in schools?

As you know Covid-19 is spread through infected patients coughing and releasing as many as 3000 water droplets from their nose and mouth into their environment. Even the most diligent covering of the mouth with handkerchief or arm crook can result in the release of some of these droplets. These droplets will land on handles, IT equipment and anything in the local environment. The droplets can also be transferred by the infected patient’s hands to all the things that they use and that other people use, like shared laptops and charging trolleys. The virus is also spread by people not washing their hands after visiting the toilet, but we won’t go into that… See this article in Nature for more details!


How long does Covid-19 virus last for on a surface or laptop?

In an article published in the Journal of Hospital Infection there is evidence that the virus can survive for as long as 9 days on some surfaces and up to 28 days in low temperatures!

What do I need to do to disinfect my school laptops and charging trolleys?

In another article in the Journal of Hospital Infection evidence shows that the Coronavirus can be killed quickly and effectively. Here is what will kill Coronavirus:

  • Water and detergent or soap is highly effective – the soap breaks down the virus’s outer coating made from lipids (fat) and the RND / DNA of the virus is then vulnerable and it falls apart very quickly.
  • Alcohol over 61% (although the WHO recommends about 70%) – this can be hard to get hold of, and hand application “anti-bac” is in short supply now. It may also discolour some plastics.
  • Bleach Hydrogen peroxide bleach at 0.5% or household bleach with sodium hypochlorite at 0.1% will kill almost all germs – the drawbacks are that it can damage your skin and the materials that you put it on.

And be aware that cleaning products with only an active ingredient of 0.05–0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less effective.

what kills covid19 on laptops and school equipment

How do I make sure that laptops and charging trolleys and other surfaces are properly disinfected?

You should scrub. Make sure that the cleaning products that you are using have touched every surface and that there is a wet sheen across everything. Laptop screens and keys should be shiny with the cleaning product all over. Obviously be careful not to damage the product by applying too much liquid, but be thorough. Then let the surfaces dry on their own.

It helps to have a charging cart like the zioxi charging trolleys that are easy to clean with smooth shelves and tops and few crevices and hard to get to gaps. This will make it far easier to keep disinfected.

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