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laptops charging how much energy do they use per year

How much energy does a laptop use and how can I reduce it?

So, you almost definitely want to save money on your electricity bill and you probably want to be greener too. Is there technology that can help?

A laptop manufacturer will tell you that their 16 inch laptop consumes about 50kWhs per year, costing around £7.18 or 14Kgs of CO2 with typical use. They are giving you the best case scenario here of course, which means you are charging the laptop up, discharging the battery and charging it up again, whilst also shutting the thing down after each time it is used.

So, lets be real here, we leave the thing plugged in all day and night and let’s face it… we don’t always shut down at the end of the day! Then let’s bring students into the equation. Let’s say you have a set of 32 laptops for classes. Your average student is even less likely to shut the school machine down at the end of its use and there won’t be anyone to unplug the laptops when they are fully charged. Thus, the battery is constantly being topped up which constantly be consumes energy.

With our estimations we can assume that school laptops are consuming more like 140 kWh per year. This costs around £20 and produces around 40kgs or CO2. Not terrible on its own, but if you look at your full set of 32 that is £640 and 1.2 tonnes of CO2!

Is there a smart way to reduce this?

onView from zioxi which is installed on all onView charging trolleys can solve this issue and get you back to the laptop manufacturers best case scenario and better! onView connects to your institution WiFi and is controlled with a cloud based system. Smart Charge can set the most efficient charging schedule for when all the laptops are needed the next day. It will stop charging when laptop batteries are fully charged. Even more impressive is Green Charge. This technology receives information from the national grid for when renewable energy providing the most energy and charges at the most CO2 efficient times!

Thus, you can reduce your laptops energy bill from £640 to around £230 – a saving of £410! And you could reduce your related CO2 emissions to more like 250kgs of CO2 a massive saving of nearly a tonne!

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