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Inspirational Spaces

We design spaces that are inviting and practical. Spaces that inspire....

Creating a Breakout Space

A Space to study in comfort with distinct areas for different learning styles.

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Creating a Reception Classroom

Bright and active learning places that encourage younger children to interact.

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Forming a Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

A space to promote reading and learning, ICT integrated with flexible power.

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Generating an open Staffroom

Support your hardworking teachers in our relaxing, stylish staffroom sanctuary.

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Making a Collaborative Learning Space

A space where students can share ideas and have discussions supported by technology.

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Making a Multipurpose Classroom

Agile classrooms need highly mobile desk, flexible power options, storage and excellent teaching aids.

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Making an ICT, Agile Classroom

Classrooms that offer flexibility with mobile power and charging trolleys or cabinets.

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Producing a flexible STEM Classroom

A STEM classroom needs to have flexibility at its heart, they are spaces to foster discovery, innovation and project-based learning.

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Producing an ICT Lab

The cutting edge in ICT suites - hideaway monitors, mobile power, modern design, tidy and easy to use.

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