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Agile classrooms need highly mobile desk, flexible power options, storage and excellent teaching aids


Flexible classrooms make adaptable learning spaces where furniture can be quickly and easily rearranged and power can be incorporated. The physically agile classroom allows for a mix of teaching and learning experiences.

If you want your students to experience varied teaching techniques and a mix of learning activities you will benefit from having a classroom that is quick and easy to reassemble for different functions. You may want to set up a classroom with individual desks for focus on the teacher or you might want to cluster the desks into collaborative zones for group exercises and discussion, you may even want the ability to clear the classroom space completely in quick and efficient way. zioxi t41 Tables allow for this.

Of course you will want to incorporate IT which would require power, for that you can add zioxi powerHubs which are flexible and mobile. You may need device storage in the form of a charging cart or cabinet that is in fitting with the rest of the classroom.


Case Study: The Marist School – Learning Resource Centre

We’ve been really delighted with the new LRC. It has changed from being a traditional library to a space that incorporates girls studying and using resources. Just being in the room with a fresh look has changed how they approach learning”.

To incorporate a combination of reading, 'Bring Your Own Device' charging and a classroom for homework, clubs and meetings.

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The benefits of a flexible classroom.

At zioxi we are always banging on about flexible adaptable classrooms and the difference they can make to student learning, creating a more inclusive engaging learning space. The t41 table from zioxi is absolutely perfect to create this kind of environment, but what are the actual benefits. Mix up the groups Being able to change […]

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What does your classroom layout say about your teaching style?

You can tell a lot about a teacher and their teaching style just by walking into their classroom. Your classroom layout and furniture are important to help motivate and stimulate your students. From your layout, a student can tell either consciously or subconsciously, what kind of lessons you will be teaching them. A  study, completed […]

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