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  • Creating a Reception Classroom

Bright and active learning places that encourage younger children to interact.


The reception classroom is a space that needs to encourage younger children to learn and interact. Through colour and fun comes play-based learning and engagement from easily distracted children. Our AnimalShelf, beanbags, Play & Store units and Treasure Centres provide a multitude of activities in the classroom and implement easily accessible resources that encourage children’s creativity and independence.

Case Study: Folkestone Primary Academy – Open Spaces

Zioxi have helped us to create a wonderful school.

Working alongside WW Martin and Folkestone Academy, Zioxi provided an imaginative and exciting furniture solution for the whole school. Zioxi developed an impressive bespoke fixed storage solution to incorporate the curved walls whilst maximising space for storage.

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The benefits of a flexible classroom.

At zioxi we are always banging on about flexible adaptable classrooms and the difference they can make to student learning, creating a more inclusive engaging learning space. The t41 table from zioxi is absolutely perfect to create this kind of environment, but what are the actual benefits. Mix up the groups Being able to change […]

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How does colour in a learning space influence learning?

  When you visualise your ideal learning space as a teacher, what colours do you choose? Do you choose colours at random or because like them? Colour is extremely important, and when used correctly, plays a key role in creating an environment that fosters learning. The use of colour can also help define a room’s […]

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