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Producing a flexible STEM Classroom


What characteristics make up a successful STEM classroom? And how can technology and furniture make a STEM classroom effective?

A STEM classroom needs to fundamentally be mobile, integrated, organised, agile and team focused. An effective STEM classroom needs to foster a positive culture for students to be able to problem-solve and test new ideas. A mobile and flexible space is one that has lightweight and durable furniture that is also mobile, due to features such as wheels on the bottom of the furniture. Technology and intelligent furniture help students make the space their own and can move the furniture in creative ways. With mobile tables and chairs, students get to design the learning space that is best for them.

Case Study: Seymour Park – IT Technology Hub

Seymour Park – IT Technology Hub

To completely revamp a large IT room drawing inspiration from innovative technical spaces such as the Google office headquarters.

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Effective STEM Classrooms

It’s important to make your learning spaces work for you and especially for a subject like STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths all need to be taught in one space with the ability to swap and change as desired. We believe STEM spaces should encourage discovery and adventure by combining the following elements. Flexible, mobile […]

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Importance of Digital Devices in the Classroom

Todays students are tech-savvy. Technology is hugely a part of their lives, both inside and outside of the classroom, and children from even pre-school age are able to use a mobile device. It is incredible how mobile technology can transform education into something more enthralling and engaging than ever before. There are many benefits to […]

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