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A collaborative IT Suite which has flexible learning at its heart.


Our multi-use ICT suites embed technology into classrooms, we blur the lines between subjects and give your space fingertip adaptability with the Zioxi onView app.

The Zioxi PowerUp Tables, Zioxi M1 & Zioxi P1 range of hideaway computer desks enable collaborative learning and creative innovation. They also allow for total control, operated by the Zioxi onView app or web management console. Raise and lower monitors en masse when required to control class activities, lock monitors for added security, save energy by automatically turning off power when not in use, analyse usage, power consumption and much more.



It's a million times better than we ever imagined it could be, it's an incredible space and we're really grateful to Zioxi. Anthony Rae, Headteacher, Seymour Park.
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Case Study: UCL – Study Space Solutions

The Zioxi installation was amazing given the number of areas and sites throughout the estate.

Study space furniture to increase the number of fixed computer positions throughout the university.

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Top tips for creating the perfect IT Suite

Thinking or refreshing your IT suite, or have a new one to design? There are a number of key factors to consider before you start investing in technology! Here are our top tips for things to consider when designing your new IT suite. What technology do you really need? There are so many options for […]

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The benefits of integrated computer desks

Integrated computer desks are becoming more and more popular, which in a world increasingly dominated by laptops may seem surprising. However there are just times when a laptop simply won’t cut it. The average primary school has 69 computers and the average secondary school has 430*. These all need to be housed somewhere. The days […]

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