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The move to smart charging and net zero starts now

Possible gas supply disruption amid the payment stand-off with Russia has led to the German government urging all energy consumers to put immediate plans in place to reduce energy consumption. If fuel supplies reduce, Germany’s network regulator can ration gas supplies, with industry being first in line for cuts. Households, social services and emergency services would get priority.

“Expanding wind power is more crucial than ever because of the ongoing climate crisis, but also because of the war in Ukraine and the need to stop Russian energy imports…. every kilowatt-hour counts”.

Robert Habeck, German Vice Chancellor and Minister for the Economy and Climate Protection

Smart charge with Zioxi

In schools, colleges, the public sector, industry and commercial workplaces across Germany, Zioxi onView is already helping customers reduce their carbon emissions and save money.

Zioxi onView is a web app that works with a small computer built into zioxi charging furniture, which means you can remotely control and monitor multiple charging IT devices. Zioxi onView can do many things, including:

  • automatically scheduling your charging trolley, cabinet or locker to maximise the use of green, renewable energy to keep your devices fully charged.
  • using energy more sparingly. The software detects when devices are fully charged and then cuts the power to individual chargers, which prolongs battery life by avoiding constant top-up charging. 
  • automatic charge scheduling to save money, by only charging devices during the night when electricity is €0.20 / kWh, not €0.30 in the daytime. 

If you run 32 laptops, we estimate that you can reduce your laptop energy bill by nearly two thirds in one year. That’s a reduction in COemissions of nearly a tonne.

Towards independence from fossil fuels

One way to reduce energy consumption is to pay closer attention to when we choose to use energy. 

“the best kind of energy is the one we do not consume in the first place… Never before has it been so important to use energy sensibly and sparingly and to reduce consumption. Because every contribution counts”. 

The BMWK ministry, on the Efficiency Campaign website

Zioxi helps you reach net zero

Find out about zioxi onView charging trolleys, cabinets, lockers, power hubs and tables here.