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8+8 Chromebook Charging Station

A compact, robust, simple to use desktop Chromebook charging station for 16 Chromebooks, tablets and most laptops up to 14″ screen sizes. Separate AC power adapter and cable storage, with only a short length of power cable presented to each device shelf – so no cable mess, no adapters to carry around and no cables going missing!

Two independently lockable doors each housing 8 device shelves, separated by a secured but front accessible electrical compartment. The charging cabinet sits on any desk, storage unit or work top.

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Compact, easy access desktop charging

A compact charging station with 2 independently lockable doors for 16 Chromebooks & laptops. Suitable for most Chromebooks, laptops & tablets with up to 14” screens – but please check shelf dimensions before ordering.

Key features:

  • Two separate lockable 8 bay device compartments providing storage for 16 laptops
  • AC adapters and cables are stored in the centre electrical compartment.
  • Device power cables can be set to length & secured using the unique zioxi oneClick cable ports, so only a short length of cable is provided to each shelf, leaving each compartment tidy & ready to use
  • Soft start power management fitted as standard
  • Doors fold back 270 degrees and are retained allowing easy shelf access
  • Key, digital code and RFID lock options (digital & RFID locks with master override key)
  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
  • Fixing points to enable the cabinet to be secured to a surface or wall (but not wall mounted)


8+8 Chromebook Charging Station


  • Codes and Dimensions
    CHRGC-CB-8+8-K16 bay Chromebook & Laptop Charging station cabinet with key locks.90W x 45D x 46H
    CHRGC-CB-8+8-C16 bay Chromebook & Laptop Charging station cabinet with digital code locks.90W x 45D x 46H
    CHRGC-CB-8+8-R16 bay Chromebook & Laptop Charging station cabinet with RFID card locks.90W x 45D x 46H


    Shelf dimensions:
    The device shelf size (mm) is 400d x 245w x 46h.  This is sufficient for Chromebooks and small laptops up to 14” screen sizes, including the HP & Acer 14” Chromebooks and the MacBook Air 13”.  These dimensions need to accommodate the power lead connector plugged into the device. Please check this carefully, especially if the power connector is on the back edge of the device. If in doubt, then please give us a call.
    End Power ConnectionBack Power Connection
  • Finish and Specifications
    ConstructionWhite melamine-faced MDF housing & doors, silver grey electrical compartment cover and extruded re-cycled plastic shelves
    PowerRequires 1 power socket (UK, EU and others).
    Supports device AC power adapters with UK and EU plug formats, others by request.
    (Individual devices AC power adapters & cables are required but not included. We recommend the use of manufacturer supplied power adapters and cables to ensure the safe delivery of the correct power).
    Warranty5 years (2 years for electronics)