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onView deskControl

onView deskControl provides remote control of your IT desk power & mode of use by mobile app or web console individually, by area, room, floor or even building – great for controlling any IT enabled space, reducing carbon emissions, improving utilisation and saving money.

Desk occupancy sensing means users can identify available hotdesks or any other type of workstation by desk type and navigate to it using their smartphone and the onView app. A map view makes it easy to see where the unoccupied desks are, saving the user time and frustration.

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Desk occupancy and power management over the web

Key features:

  • Using the mobile app or web console, PC and monitor power can be automatically or manually turned on & off, saving energy and reducing carbon when equipment is not in use – even a PC & monitor in standby can consume 15W – that soon adds up
  • Automatic or manual control can also be used on the zioxi P1 Power Up desks to stow away or raise monitors 
and activate or disable local control buttons – individually, in selected groups or all at once. So all your PCs and monitors could be automatically hidden and locked away each night or ready for the next lesson or meeting
  • Desk availability and usage is visible via the free onView mobile App and the web management console
  • Real time desk occupancy can be viewed on a zoomable map, in a list or via a dashboard. All information can be filtered including by desk type and location
  • There’s a ready-made collection of usage reports which can be customised using filters and exported to enable 
full analysis of space, desk & equipment utilisation by minutes, hours, days, months or even years.
  • Reports include real time & historic power consumption, local temperature, occupancy and more
  • And the powerful rules generator can be configured by end users or support staff to automatically alert or trigger desk actions (based on user access rights), which for example can be used to 
turn all power off at the end of the day, automatically stow away and lock down monitors based on your chosen conditions or alert a student 
when a particular type of desk becomes free
  • Included is a facility to define & allocate different user access types from end user up to multi-establishment administrator so you have full control over who can do what

User Interfaces:

  • Web Console – supports the full functionality of the onView platform including a summary dashboard; individual & bulk device monitoring, control and details edit; schedule creation; rules creation; location management; user management; event, state & variables historic reporting and a knowledge library.
  • Mobile App – provides simple control & visibility of multiple desks at once and user configurable notifications.
  • Local Device Controls – a screen & robust touch buttons housed inside the desk group provide the means for initial WiFI setup and a small subset of the available Admin functions.
  • Languages – the zioxi onView App and web console support Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Swedish languages.




onView deskControl

zioxi onView. Control your desks over the web

Add onView deskControl to any desk using the phone app and web console.

Save money by automatically turning off power when it’s not required.

Improve security by automatically locking away monitors at night.

Increase user satisfaction by providing students with real time desk availability on their phones.

Reduce staff time by automating tasks and providing alerts only when intervention is required.

Improve utilisation by providing real time & historic data on asset use, location and state.


  • Codes and Dimensions

    onView deskControl

    Desk Type SeatsOccup-ancySocket  1 ControlSocket  2 Control Monitor LiftButton LockAlerts & RulesLicence (Years)
    OV-DCTL-04-PM+3Computer Desk4PCMonitor  3
    OV-DCTL-04-PN+3Computer Desk4PC  3
    OV-DCTL-04-PS+3Computer Desk4PCDesktop Socket  3
    OV-DCTL-04-PL+3Computer Desk4PCLight  3
    OV-M1-DCTL-04-PM+3Pop Up Computer Desk4PCMonitor  3
    OV-M1-DCTL-04-PN+3Pop Up Computer Desk4PC  3
    OV-F1-DCTL-04-PM+3Flip Top Computer Desk4PCMonitor  3
    OV-F1-DCTL-04-PN+3Flip Top Computer Desk4PC  3
    OV-P1-DCTL-04-PM+3Power Up Computer Desk4PCMonitor3
    OV-P1-DCTL-04-PN+3Power Up Computer Desk4PC3
    OV-P1-DCTL-04-NN+3Power Up Computer Desk43

    1. Add -EU for European power supply

    2. For 2 or 3 seat groups change -04 for -02 or -03. Desks are organised in groups of 2, 3 or 4 positions

    3. Keyboard presence detection as standard on Power Up Computer Desk variants

    * Desktop sockets with AC mains & USB poweroutlet options

  • Finish and Specifications
    Supported Desk Typeszioxi onView deskControl can be implemented in any desk which has or can be fitted with a cable management tray, whether originally supplied by zioxi or not.

    The features associated with the P1 desk of powered monitor rise & fall, button lock & keyboard sensing are unique to the zioxi range of P1 Power Up computer monitor desks.

    Product ConfigurationsOne onView deskControl module can monitor and control a group of upto 4 desks. All desks in a group need to be adjacent, so in a cluster or row. Product options for the support of 2 or 3 desk groups available on request.
    Power ConnectionRequires 1 external AC power connection. Supports UK & EU 220V – 240V AC mains plugs & sockets, others by request.

    All onView DC powered intelligent sensors utilise the mains power source, so there are no batteries to monitor or periodically replace.

    Power OutletsUpto 2 AC mains outlets can be controlled per desk position. The use of these sockets can be allocated as required –  typically they are used for the control of power to PCs, monitors, desktop sockets and desk lights.
    ConnectivityConnectivity from each desk group controller to the zioxi cloud service is via 2.4Ghz WiFi utilising existing establishment Wireless Access Points. An SSID configured for only the 2.4GHz frequency is essential (using the same SSID name for both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network will cause connectivity issues). Most WiFi security protocols are supported, with the exception of captive security requiring the dynamic entry of userid and password. This provides total flexibility in terms of desk positions and requires no additional network infrastructure. Firewall & filtering access out to the web may need local configuration.
    onView LicenseTypically a standard 3 year subscription is bundled with the initial product purchase (see Product Codes). Enhanced licences for additional users and extensions for future years are available on request.
    Warranty2 years. Warranty requires WiFi connection to the zioxi cloud service. This enables automatic software updates and remote support.