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onView RFID Chromebook Charging Locker – Desktop

The onView 10 bay 1:1 Chromebook smart charging lockers can be located on desktops, on work surfaces or beside desks. Access via the robust double wall doors using RFID cards and fobs, with the ability to simply configure different locker modes including loan, public and private. The onView web portal and app provide locker and user management from anywhere plus an extensive reporting suite, audit logs, powerful rules engine and the ability to maximise green charging.

These Volt 1:1 Chromebook Charging Lockers have a separate electrical compartment for housing integrated USB-C power or plugging in and storing wall & brick style AC chargers. The 1-1 locker design presents only a short length of USB power cable into each charging locker bay, so there’s no need for users to carry around chargers and cables.

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Connected Charging Lockers for Chromebooks

Compact, connected, desktop Chromebook charging lockers for self service Chromebook or laptop user loan

Key features:

  • Very simple to use, charging locker with web portal to control user, locker and power usage
  • Elegant, stylish and modern aesthetic
  • Locker compartment size is suitable for most mobile computing devices with up to 14” screens
  • Capacity for 10 Chromebooks, smaller laptops and tablets
  • Separate, front accessed, electrical bay providing very easy setup and maintenance even when lockers are placed next to other furniture items
  • Integrated USB-C PD specification power system providing up to 60W output per port for fast charging or the option of mains power sockets and storage for plugtop & brick style chargers, all housed in the separate electrical bay
  • Storage of power modules and chargers in a separate bay prevents heat build up in individual locker compartments. Heat reduces Chromebook battery life.
  • Only a short length of cable is presented into each locker compartment and is secured using the patented zioxi oneClick cable ports, leaving each compartment tidy & ready to use – so no need to carry around chargers and cables
  • High quality, robust double skin door construction with doors that can fold back 180 degrees avoiding accidental damage

zioxi onView web management features include:

    • Access Control – support available for most RFID cards and fobs including MiFare, HID and Legic using ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 standards. Please confirm the RFID standard required in advance of ordering.
    • User Management – users can be provisioned through bulk upload, integration with 3rd party systems and the individual user edit facilities.
    • Locker Modes – a choice of easily configured locker modes including Loan (for self service device issue), Break : Fix (for self service device replacement), Private (dedicated to an individual) or Public (for use by multiple users). In all modes users can be provided with other self service options such as finding and reserving a locker or device, and being alerted to issues such as their locker is left open or their allotted time is finishing.
    • Audit Trail – a filterable and searchable log of user activity by locker or locker tower; by room, floor & building location; by activity type and by user.
    • Remote Control – the web portal & app provide management users the ability to action one, selected or all smart lockers by locker tower or bank, room, floor, building or even whole organisation. Controls include the ability to open doors; clear & assign users; curfew, quarantine and put lockers out of service and edit the locker operating modes and settings.
    • Green Charge – onView’s integration with data from National Electricity grids in most European countries enables the system to advise on the optimum low carbon mobile device charging times and action charging using a configurable set of rules.
    • Custom Rules – allow users (and zioxi staff if you’d like our help) to establish alerts and rule driven actions to aid locker management, including notifications for any locker state (for example breached, available, out of service); locker hogged, used unusually, use finished or door left open; mains power outage and much more.
    • Reporting Tools – provide extensive live & historic information on locker usage by user and by hour or day, & on power consumption, temperature, events, locker settings, location by map view and much more.

Find out more about onView for charging lockers.


onView RFID Chromebook Charging Locker – Desktop


  • Codes and Dimensions
    VCB1-10S-UC-O-G-UK#Volt 1:1 Desktop Charging Locker for 10 Chromebooks, smaller laptops and tablets, Integrated Laptop USB-C power supply with upto 60W per port, onView Smart Locker RFID access control and web locker & user management. Grey number strip. USB-C to USB-C cables included and fitted.53W x 45D x 72H (cm)
    VCB1-10S-M-O-G-UKVolt 1:1 Desktop Charging Locker for 10 Chromebooks, smaller laptops and tablets, AC adapter storage, onView Smart Locker RFID access control and web locker & user management. Grey number strip. No AC adapters or cables supplied.53W x 45D x 72H (cm)

    * Change -UK to -EU for European Schuko (Type F) mains lead and sockets.

    ** Other RFID reader technologies available on request including HID & Legic using ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 standards

    *** Annual licence required for locker tower (and individual onView users if more than 50). First year locker licence included.


    Shelf dimensions:
    The Volt 1:1 Desktop Chromebook locker is designed to accommodate laptops with up to 14” screen sizes. The locker door aperture size is 410d x 260w x 50h (mm) – big enough for pretty much all devices other than large laptops, although best to check device & case dimensions (including with the power connector plugged in) before ordering. If in doubt, then please give us a call.


    End Power ConnectionBack Power Connection
  • Finish and Specifications
    ConstructionAluminium double wall front and doors, white MFMDF carcase.
    Integrated Laptop USB-C Power option (-UC with #)Integrated USB C power system housed in the front accessible electrical power bay. Requires 1 power socket (UK, EU and others on request) per locker.

    USB Type C ports support the Power Delivery (PD3.0) specification with voltage / maximum current combinations of 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A and 20V/3A, so suitable for charging all types of Type C enabled devices including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and phones at upto 60W per port. (Contact us if iPad Air 4th generation devices are to be used).

    Supplied with 10 USB-C ports and cables. Contact us if both USB C and USB A ports are required.

    AC Charger Power option (-M)Requires 1 power socket (UK, EU and others) per locker.

    Supports device AC plugtop & brick style power adapters which are stored in the separate electrical bay. UK and EU plug formats supported, others by request.

    Supplied with 10 mains sockets inside the electrical bay.

    (Individual device AC power adapters & cables are required but not included. We recommend the use of manufacturer supplied power adapters).

    ConnectivityConnectivity from each onView locker to the zioxi cloud service is via 2.4Ghz WiFi utilising existing establishment Wireless Access Points. An SSID configured for only the 2.4GHz frequency is essential (using the same SSID name for both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network will cause connectivity issues). Most WiFi security protocols are supported, with the exception of captive security requiring the dynamic entry of user ID and password. This WAP based approach provides flexibility in terms of trolley locations and requires no additional network infrastructure. Firewall & filtering access out to the web may need local configuration.
    Warranty5 years (2 years for electronics, 1 month for USB cables if supplied)