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zioxi P1 Circular IT Tables

Our P1 power up monitor mechanism can be integrated into any size or shape of table, so you can let your imagination run wild. Circles, ovals, hexagons and many more shapes available, all with integrated PC technology that is individually revealed at the push of a button. Great for hiding away monitors or All in One PCs.

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Integrated IT tables with Power Up monitors

The zioxi range of P1 power up monitor computer tables give great flexibility to any space – work individually with your monitor up or at the press of a button the monitor is automatically retracted and hidden away leaving the table clear for group work and laptop use.

Key features:

  • zioxi P1 power up & retract monitor mechanism with integral anti-collision technology for added safety
  • Self closing flap to neatly hideaway the monitor, keyboard and mouse when not in use
  • Display height and tilt adjustment as standard
  • Suitable for TFT monitors and All-in-One PCs (please let us know your IT specs & sizes when ordering)
  • Cleverly designed tray for storing the keyboard and mouse
  • Range of sizes from 3 to 8 people in circular, hexagonal, oval and end of run lollipop designs
  • Range of colours and finishes
  • A choice of internal & external CPU housing options
  • A range of complimentary desktop power & data options
  • Option of zioxi onView remote web based control & monitoring



zioxi P1 Circular IT Tables

zioxi onView. Control your desks over the web

Add onView deskControl to any desk using the phone app and web console.

Save money by automatically turning off power when it’s not required.

Improve security by automatically locking away monitors at night.

Increase user satisfaction by providing students with real time desk availability on their phones.

Reduce staff time by automating tasks and providing alerts only when intervention is required.

Improve utilisation by providing real time & historic data on asset use, location and state.


  • Codes and Dimensions
    P1-150C-3S-AIOCircular 3 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts150dia x 74H
    P1-200C-4S-AIOCircular 4 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts197dia x 74H
    P1-220L-4S-AIOLollipop 4 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts217dia x 74H
    P1-220C-5S-AIOCircular 5 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts217dia x 74H
    P1-250C-6S-AIOCircular 6 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts247dia x 74H
    P1-270C-7S-AIOCircular 7 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts265dia x 74H
    P1-290C-8S-AIOCircular 8 Person P1 Table, power up & retract monitor lifts292dia x 74H
    * -AIO models are For All-in-One PCs with no separate CPU Housing. For a Panel CPU Housing change -AIO to -CPU. Other CPU housing solutions available on request.
  • Finish and Specifications
    Construction & FinishesSteel powder coated metalwork, laminate top surface, MFMDF panels. Tops & panels in white as standard. Frames in RAL 9006 silver as standard. Modesty panels in a wide range of colours to suit branding. Other colour and finish options available on request.
    Display mountingStandard VESA mounting positions up to 100 x 100 (mm) are supported, others on request. Standard screen width of upto 565mm, larger sizes on request. Maximum screen height 480mm. (Monitor or All in One PC not included).
    Power supplyRequires a mains power supply – UK, EU & most other country socket types available. Under desk power distribution with 2 mains sockets per desk position is included with -AIO & -CPU codes. Desk top power sockets can be added but need to be specified separately.
    Warranty5 years for P1 Desk, 2 years or as per manufacturer’s warranty for electronics



    Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate colour reproduction, some slight variation may occur due to the limitations of the print process, differences in natural materials or between manufacturing batches.



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zioxi P1 Circular IT Tables

The Zioxi installation was amazing given the number of areas and sites throughout the estate.

Study space furniture to increase the number of fixed computer positions throughout the university.