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zioxi TeacherWall®

The TeacherWall® from zioxi (the original creators of the teaching wall concept) is the perfect way to house your large display or interactive whiteboard, surrounded by storage and tray units, and with options of a fixed or pull out Teacher desk and sliding magnetic whiteboard doors.

The zioxi TeacherWall® can also provide computer charging facilities for mobile devices and house other AV equipment such as Apple TV, Intel Unite, speakers, amplifiers & DVD players. Truly multi-functional Teacher Walls.

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Teaching Walls that can store everything

The zioxi TeacherWall® family is a modular solution which can address all your storage, projection and device charging needs within a learning space.

Key features:

  • Displays – large display panels and Smart, Promethean and other interactive whiteboards can all be neatly accommodated with cabling concealed but accessible. Solutions for projector mounting also available. Please be sure to specify your display or interactive whiteboard during the design process.
  • Whiteboard doors – options of full height (floor to ceiling) or half height sliding magnetic whiteboard doors with dry wipe surfaces
  • Teacher desk – there’s the option to add a static teacher desk or pull out teacher station to any TeacherWall
  • Storage – shelving, cupboards and tray units and there’s a wide choice of back panel and door colours
  • Device charging – computer charging facilities for laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets and pretty much any rechargeable mobile devices
  • AV equipment – such as Apple TV, Intel Unite, speakers, amplifiers & DVD players can all be properly & securely housed
  • Power & data – can all be housed within the unit or access to sockets can be provided
  • Anything we’ve missed? – if there is, we’ll work with you to design a solution.



zioxi TeacherWall®


  • Codes and Dimensions
    The zioxi TeacherWall® has a wide range of modules for tray storage, laptop, chromebook & iPad charging, shelving, cupboards, half height & full height sliding whiteboard doors, teacher stations and AV equipment.

    With the zioxi modular approach we can work with you to design & create economic solutions that effectively address all the presentation, storage and device charging needs of your learning spaces. Please get in touch to arrange our free consultation and design service for Teaching Walls.

  • Finish and Specifications


    ConstructionWhite MFMDF and MFC as standard, coloured doors and back panels on request
    Power & DataPower & data cable channelling required for ICT & AV equipment can be housed within the units. Cable routing and socket access or mounting requirements need to be defined during the design stage.
    Mobile Device Charging16 & 32 bay charging modules for iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops, iPods and phones can be included. Separate storage for AC chargers or integrated USB power, with only a short left of power cable presented to the front of each shelf. Option of carry baskets with iPad and tablets solutions.
    Allowance for projector (where required)Minimum ceiling height of 2450mm floor to ceiling if a projector & mounting bracket is required
    Warranty5 years, 2 years for any electrical parts


    Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate colour reproduction, some slight variation may occur due to the limitations of the print process, differences in natural materials or between manufacturing batches.



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“The install team were first class, professional, efficient and accommodating. They arrived early, they were quick and before you know it the classrooms were done and ready to use.” – Tom Rees, Headteacher @ Simon De Senlis Primary

Zioxi designed new classroom and breakout spaces for Simon De Senlis Primary. Creating a number of new products to exactly match the brief.

Ipsley Middle School – Agile Rooms

Agile, versatile and comfortable spaces where teachers can change the layout according to their needs – that was Ipsley Middle School’s vision.