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learning from home, school during coronavirus lockdown

Remote teaching resources to use for KS2 through to A-Level

What resources do I have for remote lessons?

Google Classroom – Helps teachers manage and mark coursework as well as create and share lesson plans and share notes with other teachers or students. Feedback on projects and homework can be given during or after work is complete and is a two way conversation. It integrates automatically with gmail and other google apps like Drive which has spreadsheets and word processing apps. Google Meet – Allows you to deliver lessons to all of your class on their digital device be it a desktop or a smartphone.

Microsoft Teams  for education – also has the ability to create and share lesson plans, share notes with students and deliver lessons in much the same way as the Google offerings.

Should I pick Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams?

Google Classroom and Meet is undoubtably the more popular option as its easier to get started with and you already have an account if you have a Google account. The functionality between the two is largely similar, Teams is slightly harder to set up. Having said that once Microsoft Teams is set up it offers a more fluid overall experience than Google Classroom. They are both free for education.

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What’s out there for teaching resources, remote homework and online testing?


There are plenty of online resources for maths, try:

Hegarty, Mymaths, CorbettMaths, DrFrost for KS3/4 and Exam solutions for A-level

Find resources, interactive learning programs and testing facilities with British Council and BBC Bitesize, Seneca Learning for free materials for KS2 through to A-Levels.

Youtube has a wealth of fantastic content too

Including  our favourites:

History – Crash Course