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The benefits of a flexible classroom.

At zioxi we are always banging on about flexible adaptable classrooms and the difference they can make to student learning, creating a more inclusive engaging learning space. The t41 table from zioxi is absolutely perfect to create this kind of environment, but what are the actual benefits.

Mix up the groups

Being able to change your layout means that group sizes and positions are different on a day to day basis. This encourages students to mix in different social groups and stops them sitting next to the same person, or with the same group day after day. Wonderful to aid inclusion, diversity and social interaction.

Clear the space entirely

Flexible folding tables allow you to clear the space totally. Want to do a drama session or mix it up by using the floor space? No problem at all – just move the tables out of the way and stack them together. So easy the children can do it.

Reflect your lesson plan with your layout

Learning about rivers? Arrange the tables in waves. Need different group sizes? Cluster tables in groups from 2 upwards or have individual quiet time with a desk each.

Keep it fresh

Imagine walking into a different classroom every day. That’s one way to get the students attention when you need to.

Add power

A powerHub is a great way to add power into a space, without being limited by floorboxes. If your lesson includes robots, or tablets, make sure that they can be charged throughout the session as needed. Nothing like a flat battery to derail your lesson plans!

As experts in adaptable learning, we design flexible classrooms as often as we have biscuits (very often). So why not let us help you and show you how your space could work with a t41 solution. We offer free consultancy and design and will come to meet with you, measure up and learn about your vision. Every space is different, and we want to help your classroom work for you. Get in touch now to see how we can help.