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The Importance of Adaptable Furniture

Flexible Classroom Desks

We managed to sit down with Director Nick Topliss to pick his brain on the importance of adaptable education furniture.

  1. How much difference can furniture really make to teaching and learning? Isn’t it just about aesthetics?

Furniture can make a huge difference to teaching and learning. Having adaptable furniture that really works for your space allows the teacher to vary their lesson plans to include different ways of working. This helps to keep children engaged.

Gone are the days of rows of desks all facing the front. Furniture can now be used to help support different learning styles. With modern adaptable classroom furniture you can move from a large group set up to small group working right down to individual tables. We have found that when children are comfortable in the classroom they really do learn better.

 2. For a school with a very tight budget, what would you advise as the single most transformative furniture investment that could be made?

Adaptable tables like the zioxi t41. These allow you to change your space quickly and easily. You can arrange them in circles, waves, ovals or as individual tables. They are strong and stable to deal with school life and have a robust compact top that is long lasting.

When you want to clear you space you can easily flip up the table tops and store them at the side. Tables like this are also great for using with technology and if you use iPads or Laptops you can integrate a power hub to ensure that you don’t run out of juice mid lesson!

 3. Many schools are moving to a BYOD/1:1 policy at the moment. What does this mean in terms of furniture requirements?

 Furniture is something that needs to be considered when changing your policy. If you are moving to support devices that allow students to learn anywhere, then your furniture needs to reflect this too.

Device charging and syncing is also a challenge. We offer solutions to help with cabinets and trolleys that are designed to charge overnight, and sync too if you want them to. Then there are hubs in case you need a midday top up, or if a student has forgotten to charge their device. We also sell charging lockers with separate power adapter storage that are designed to support a 1:1 policy.

4. How bespoke are the solutions offered by zioxi?

zioxi solutions are tailored by customer and we will work with you to design the space that suits your needs and the needs of your students. Our consultancy service is totally free and we will come and visit your school, talk through your requirements and see how the space is currently being used.

Our talented designers will then put together some plans, visuals and recommendations to show you how you could get the most from your classroom. When you are 100% happy, we then manage the whole installation process. Leaving you with a classroom that really does make a difference.