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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

The return on investment for developing and training staff is massive

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. Staff who regularly attend training courses are given the opportunity to develop into more effective employees. They will perform better in their positions, gain a better understanding of their role and build confidence in their jobs.

Employee competence in an ever-changing industry landscape allows your organisation to stay at the cutting edge of your industry. According to the Association of Talent Development (ATD), an effective training program can increase productivity by over 200%! This increased productivity in turn can increase profit margins by 24% against companies without a formalised training program!

Employees will leave a role if they feel they are not receiving the necessary training to succeed in the position. An Go2HR research piece shows that 40% of employees who don’t receive appropriate training to become effective at their job will leave within their first 12 months. To add to this The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development state that 95% of HR managers responsible for recruitment see continued professional development as a key retention tool.

Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning ran a long term research program on professional development at work. One interesting finding from their 4000 plus strong sample indicated that 74% of them didn’t feel like they were meeting their full potential because of a lack of training.


Providing a dedicated training space matters

It is important for organisations to have on site training facilities. It promotes training at work and shows staff that training is being taken seriously by your company. With an internal training facility you can more comfortably create bespoke, company specific training programmes for your staff. It is also safer to use sensitive company data that you wouldn’t want leaving the office.  Another good reason to have a training room at the office is to make it easier for staff. Less time and money is wasted on traveling and accommodation. Not to mention the cost of hiring the venue!

The importance of an agile learning space

Different staff members will learn best in a variety of different ways and so a good training program will impart information using a variety of techniques. This needs a well-designed and adaptable learning space. Different teaching techniques will include group discussions, break out discussions, collaborative work, testing and individual learning. It is also increasingly likely that some sort of IT or mobile device based learning will need to take place, so it is important to be able to incorporate that. A study by Capgemini Consulting states that only 10% of employees in the US feel that they are competent enough using a computer to complete all their work tasks. With technology moving so quickly they also highlighted that knowledge gained needs to be updated with more relevant training every two years!

zioxi learning space solutions

At zioxi we can consult on and design your learning space for free before any commitment to the installation. We have industry leading IT integration for tablets and smart phones as well as desktop computers and laptops. We have found it incredibly important for teachers to be able to engage with trainees without the physical and mental distraction that a computer screen can cause. This is why our computer screens are stored out of site. Screens can be accessed at the press of a button, allowing for better trainee, trainer engagement with quick access to IT. It also allows for greater desk space whilst screens are stored.

We also provide agile desk solutions allowing for easily adaptable learning spaces, mobile charging units and charging trolleys for laptops, Chromebook, tablets and smartphones.

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