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zioxi Sponsor Next Generation Learning Spaces

zioxi were thrilled to attend the Next Generation Learning Spaces event. Delegates came from Universities around the country (and internationally) to learn about innovation in learning space design. There were talks showcasing learning spaces from around the globe as well as more local Universities sharing their learning space plans and how they are implementing this throughout the University and gaining feedback from the users.

In our technical demonstration, we talked about how learning spaces are changing throughout HE with a number of spaces becoming relevant. We roughly group these into 6 different zones to facilitate learning.

1. Social Learning
Learning happens everywhere and enabling social interactions and discussions promotes peer to peer learning and deepens the relationships between students. These relationships become the foundation to collaborative learning.

2. Collaborative Learning
When groups of students get together they can share theories, discuss projects and by bouncing ideas off each other deepen their understanding of subjects. Feedback throughout the group is important for continuous learning and improvement.

3. Reflective Learning
There are times when students need time to think and reflect individually, away from the group to aid concentration and analysis of their own thoughts.

4. Creative Learning
Sometimes creativity is the key to problem solving and discovery and spaces need to facilitate this – creativity needs to be encouraged with space for movement and sharing of spontaneous ideas.

5. Technology Based Learning
Some subjects require access to specialist technology equipment in order to use specific software or computer capabilities. Integrating this technology into your learning space creates a flexible, multifunctional learning space.

6. Large Group Learning
At times all your students will learn as a large group, all needing to interact and absorb information. You learning space needs a flexible approach to accommodate this.

Obviously each of these learning style require different furniture and configurations in order to facilitate. At zioxi we work with our customers to understand how their learning spaces need to work for them so that we can create the perfect design and layout. For more information, please contact us at 01844280123